(not for the weak of heart)

Steps to Adopt - 

  1. Research, research, research

  2. Complete a home study by an approved agency or social worker licensed in your state.

  3. Decide what agency or organization your child will come from.

  4. Get LOTS of references for the chosen organization

  5. Decide which, if any, handicaps that you are willing to accept in your child.

  6. Do the paperwork - translations, I-600A, , medical, psychological, etc.

  7. Wait

  8. Do more paperwork - immigration stuff, social security, court papers, etc. 

  9. Wait

  10. Pick up your child and live life happily ever after.


*** Notice that paperwork and waiting are the norm  



Steps to Adopt

Homestudy Time

How to Save $$$

How to Translate Documents

Choosing a Child

Children of Different Races

The 'New' Child

Child Training

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Large Families

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