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Spray Millet coming in Fall, 2006
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Spray Millet

is coming back in 2008, by popular demand!

Spray Millet is knee high by the 4th of July Naomi joined our Spray Millet farm in jan '04!!! 25 Pounds of Spray Millet - a natural treat! A beautiful growing season for Spray Millet is ahead of us!

We are planning to grow Spray Millet for the '08 harvest.
Parakeets, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Finches and others love it!

And for those who want the freshest millet possible,

Read a sample of Our Millet Farm's e-book,


We've always dreamed of our own farm. After struggling for 2 years,
and enduring the economic and emotional strain it put on our family,
we moved away and I took a job in the big city.

Then, some of our family tried growing millet 2006,
and didn't put their heart into it, like the Millet Man...
So now, in 2008, I'll go at it again and grow


My strategy has changed - I'll sell to indivuals and small shops only
Save money, subscribe to my newsletter, and be part of the
Spray Millet
growing experience!

We believe in buying products that are grown and manufactured U.S.A.!

Our Spray Millet is grown in the USA

Millet taste testers Sam Cockatiel and Punky Lovebird...
Sam, spray millet tester #1 Punky, spray millet tester #2

Contact Steve, the Millet Man for more info

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2004 spray millet planting

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Stalk of Spray Millet


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